In this series I explore how elusive and inexplicable situations can feel threatening and fascinating at the same time.

March, 2020. Just a few weeks after my dad died, the corona pandemic forced everyone to stay inside. What followed was perhaps the most unsettling period of my life. I took my camera and went for many walks, the only outside activity allowed at the time, and tried to process all that was happening. Was it pure coincidence that these life changing events happened so quickly after one another? Or should we already have known, when the 2019 total moon eclipse – aka Bloedmaan – spread it’s red, sinister light upon us?


  • 2021 Opus One / Brugge Foto. Group show. Concertgebouw Brugge
  • 2021 EXPO, Group show. Arrière-pensée, Sint-Pietersplein 21, Ghent.

bloedmaan (self published)


Limited edition book of ‘Bloedmaan’ available for 15 euro’s (excl. shipping).
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